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Google Maps will use AI to help you find out-of-the-way EV chargers

Andrew J. Hawkins

Apr 17, 2024

The company will use AI to summarize directions to EV chargers as well as reliability and wait times.

Google Maps is rolling out some new updates designed to make locating an electric vehicle charging station less stressful. And to accomplish this, it will (of course) lean heavily on artificial intelligence.

Google says it will use AI to summarize customer reviews of EV chargers to display more specific directions to certain chargers, such as those located in parking garages or more hard-to-find places. And there will be more prompts in the app to encourage users to submit their feedback after using an EV charger — which will then be fed into the algorithm for future AI-powered summaries.

Google Maps users will be asked to submit details like whether the charging session was successful or the type of plug they used. Those details will then be used to offer more accurate descriptions of EV chargers for future customers.

This isn’t the first time that Google has touted its use of AI to improve the experience for EV owners. Previously, the company has deployed AI tools to help with route planning and EV plug locating.

In addition, EV owners will now be able to see quick and useful information about charging when their vehicle’s battery starts to get low. Real-time plug availability and charging speeds will be viewable on native versions of Google Maps in cars with the company’s software built in, like some existing Volvo and Polestar models. Those cars are also getting native versions of Google Maps that suggest charging breaks on multi-stop journeys.

Lastly, Google Maps will take EV chargers under consideration when travelers are looking for places to stop overnight. The company is adding an EV charger filter to its travel search tool so EV owners can find spots with charging plugs.

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