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Top charging services provider ABM announces its own brand of EV fast chargers and software

Scooter Doll

Jun 12, 2023

ABM, the largest installer of EV chargers in the US has decided to take some of its charger technology in-house. Together with the help of software developer Noodoe, the services provider has introduced a lineup of ABM branded EV chargers for the first time that support a range of outputs and charge speeds.

You may recognize the ABM name and logo from some encounter or another. The company specializes in parking and transportation services where it has operated the last 50 years. The last decade however, ABM has ventured into EV infrastructure, helping facilitate and install over 28,000 chargers in the US to date.

We’ve previously covered the company as a commercial installer for OEMs like Ford Model e, and massive transit locations like LAX. However, even as the largest commercial EV charger installer in the US, ABM has relied on other companies to develop and manufacture the technology it is installing.

Today, however, ABM shared a new lineup of its own chargers to serve three separate segments of EV drivers.

The company shared details of its new ABM branded lineup today, which includes Level 2 chargers, a Level 3 pile for electric fleet, and ABM EV OS – a cloud-based operating platform developed through an investment and partnership with Noodoe.

  • Level 2 AC Charging Stations:

    • Provide power outputs between 6.6 and 19.2kW.

    • Designed for any commercial, municipal, or residential parking location, including airports, hotels, hospitals, universities, commercial or residential parking lots, stadiums and sports venues.

  • Level 3 DC Fast Chargers: 

    • A full range ranging from 24 kW DC wallboxes ideal for commercial parking, auto dealerships, workplace facilities and fleets, to 350 kW high powered stations for commercial EVs like buses and trucks.

We’d argue that 24 kW is not enough output to earn the title of “fast charger” but ABM’s 350 kW output is impressive, even if it is only marketing the technology to fleets right now. Also no mention of NACS compatibility just yet, but that could change as more and more charging networks adopt the standard.

In addition to the new lineup of EV chargers, the company also introduced ABM EV OS today. The software enables customers optimize the user experience autonomously, whether they’re running a single charging station, or a network across multiple locations – all while enabling the lowest possible operating cost.

The software provides monitoring, remote operation management, reporting, automatic infrastructure diagnostics, and customizable payment processing. ABM president and CEO Scott Salmirs spoke to the new lineup of branded EV technologies:

ABM is a market leader in sustainable infrastructure, power, and bundled energy solutions, pioneering innovative and tech-forward services across the eMobility, EV and electrification industries. Our introduction of branded hardware and our investment in software marks an exciting next step placing us at the forefront of the dynamic EV infrastructure industry, by enabling us to offer our clients a single source for rapidly growing needs in this sector.

The new ABM chargers are available to customers beginning today and are being showcased at the 2023 IPMI Parking & Mobility Conference & Expo in Fort Worth, Texas, this week. Booth 505.

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