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Volkswagen debuts the ID.7 Tourer, a spacious station wagon with impressive range

Scooter Doll

Feb 19, 2024

Volkswagen Group announced a new addition to its ID line of electric vehicles today, launching the ID.7 Tourer – a variant of the original fastback saloon with added cargo space and some enticing range. The estate car, better known in the States as a station wagon, arrives as one of the only all-electric options in the upper mid-size category in Europe.

It’s been just over a year since Volkswagen Group introduced a camouflaged version of the ID.7 – a five-door liftback EV designed with executives in mind. The EV made its official debut in April of last year as an all-electric alternative and, in the case of North America, a replacement to the mid-size Passat sedan. The original ID.7 is currently sold in North America, Europe, and China (as the ID.7 Vizzion).

Production began in Germany last summer, and we have since learned of VW’s plans also to deliver an estate version of the ID.7, specifically for Europe. Today, Volkswagen has officially launched the ID.7 Tourer, with pre-sales to follow soon.

Volkswagen ID.7 Tourer offers up to 685km of EV range

Per Volkswagen Group’s press room, the ID.7 Tourer arrives as a new flagship to its all-electric lineup, joining the German automaker’s new Passat wagon variant in Europe. Designed specifically for families and drivers who take longer trips, the ID.7 is a well-rounded EV (especially with its larger rear end).

That’s where you’ll notice the most significant difference in the ID.7 Tourer compared to its fastback saloon counterpart – the station wagon features a longer roof line for added cargo space, described by Volkswagen as “a fusion of a classic estate in the format of the Passat, and a dynamic shooting brake such as the Arteon.”

With five passengers inside, the ID.7 Tourer boasts a cargo capacity of 605 liters (21.4 cubic feet). With the rear seats down and packed to its roof, the estate EV can offer 1,714 liters (60.5 ft³) of cargo space.

Spaciousness is always welcomed, but it may be the range promised by Volkswagen that ends up convincing would-be consumers to buy a new ID.7 Tourer. It will come available in two different battery sizes, which Volkswagen still needs to share. Still, the automaker says the larger option is expected to deliver a WLTP range of up to 685km (~426 miles).

Of course, it’s not an EPA range, but that’s still a competitive spec for its given EV segment. That larger battery pack will also enable charge rates up to 200 kW at a DC fast charger, replenishing from 10-80% in under 30 minutes.

Other features include an augmented-reality head-up display as standard on all trims, a panoramic sunroof with glass layers that can be switched between transparent and opaque, and a new wellness app to enhance comfort and relaxation during breaks or charge sessions.

Volkswagen states the ID.7 Touring will be built in Emden, Germany, alongside its ID.7 saloon sibling and the ID.4 SUV. Pre-orders are expected to begin in Europe in Q1 2024. There has yet to be a timetable for the first deliveries.

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