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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take a car to charge?

JUS uses Level 2 chargers which provide a full charge in 2 to 6 hours and will supply 40-50 miles in an hour.

How many amps are required for the charger?

JUS uses chargers that require 40amp – 80amp breakers depending on the electrical power in each location.

Does JUS use the current electric service or install a separate meter?

In many cases JUS will install a breaker using the existing power at the panel, except where the power would be insufficient in which case JUS would install a separate panel.

How long before the equipment is installed?

Depending on the local municipality, it usually takes 6 to 8 weeks.

Does JUS pull permits from the city for installation?

JUS uses a licensed, bonded and insured workforce.

What kind of reports will we receive and how often?

All reports are delivered monthly, but available in real time at any time through a web portal.

How often do we receive our share of the revenue?

Shared revenues are distributed monthly.

What happens when a machine is out of service?

The units are monitored using our software 24/7 and any machine that is not reporting full functionality is addressed within 12-24 hours.

How does a customer pay at the charging station?

The customer can scan a QR code located at the EV charger that will take them to a web portal for a quick-pay option. They can also download the JUS charging app if they want to take the time to do so. 

What happens when a charger is finished?

The user is notified the charge is complete.

Is the customer charged for being idle after the charge is completed?

This is up to the property owner. JUS only applies an ‘occupancy charge’ if the property owner requests for it.

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