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Check in... Plug in... Wake up and Go!

  • Discover Charging Freedom: Unleash the power of convenience with our app. Seamlessly locate JUS charging stations near you using our intuitive map feature. Say goodbye to range anxiety and hello to the freedom of charging wherever your journey takes you.

  • Instant Charging, Effortless Payments: Save your payment details securely for lightning-fast transactions and focus on what matters most: powering up your electric vehicle.

  • Exclusive Rewards and Savings: Elevate your charging experience by unlocking a world of rewards and vouchers. 

  • Personalized Favorites: Make every charging session uniquely yours. Save and revisit your favorite charger locations effortlessly. 


Easy Navigation 


Personalized For You


Seamless Charging

EV Driver Will Discover Your Hotel In The Following Platforms

Google Maps

JUS Charging Systems App

Apple Maps



Waze Maps

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