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"Holy Grail" of EV battery tech unlocks 6-minute recharge times.

Stephen Edelstein

Jun 20, 2023

U.K.-based startup Nyobolt claims to have achieved a breakthrough in battery tech that could allow EVs to charge in less than 10 minutes.

Nyobolt announced this week that it had unlocked the "holy grail" of battery tech, enabling EVs to charge "fully and repeatedly" in less than 6 minutes. And the startup claims this tech will go into production starting in 2024.

Faster charging would enable EVs to close the gap with gasoline cars when it comes to everyday convenience, as it currently takes much longer to charge an EV than it does to fill up with fuel. If charging becomes as easy as pumping gas, range anxiety becomes less of a factor, and EVs can have smaller battery packs.

To demonstrate the possibilities, Nyobolt teamed up with Callum, the design firm founded by automotive designer Ian Callum, to create an electric sports car. The car was penned by Julian Thomson, designer of the original Lotus Elise. It bears more than a passing resemblance to that lightweight sports car (which also served as the basis for the Tesla Roadster), but is wider and longer. It also features cameras in place of exterior mirrors.

A Nyobolt press release said the EV weighs closer to 2,200 pounds than 4,400 pounds, thanks in part to carbon-fiber bodywork, and uses a relatively small 35-kwh battery pack. A 6-minute charge yields 155 miles of range, Nyobolt claims, which scales up to 1,600 miles of range added per hour of charging.

Nyobolt did not discuss production plans for the sports car, but the startup claims it is ready for a "rapid scale-up" of its battery tech. Testing completed so far includes over 2,000 fast-charge cycles "without significant performance loss," according to the startup. Nyobolt is also pitching its battery tech for other applications, including luxury cars, trucks, and buses.

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