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Electrify America set to open its first indoor EV charging station to the public this week

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Feb 7, 2024

EV charging network Electrify America will soon offer the public an EV charging experience safe from the elements, where drivers can pull in, plug in, and chill out while their vehicle replenishes. This flagship indoor charging station kicks off a potential future in which you don’t have to wait in your car or outside while you charge… It also has complimentary Wi-Fi.

Electrify America is one of the largest open DC fast charging networks in the US that is investing billions into expanding EV infrastructure to support the growing number of zero-emissions vehicles hitting roads.

Outside of the Tesla Supercharger network, Electrify America is easily the most prominent and recognizable name in its respective space, expanding cleaner energy alternatives like solar farms to support its growing number of EV charging stations.

While we have seen EA implement larger footprints with covered charging piles similar to traditional gas stations, its DC fast chargers have remained in the elements, at least until now. Today, the charging network shared details of its flagship indoor charging station in California, which will be made open to the public on Friday. Check it out.

EA’s first indoor charging station opens February 9

Electrify America shared details of the new indoor charging station today, a first of its kind for the network located in San Francisco. One could argue other regions of the United States could make better use of EA’s first-ever indoor charger location, especially during these winter months, but here we are.

The new station is located in the SoMa neighborhood near the Bay Bridge and features 20 DC fast chargers capable of delivering up to 350 kW of power, depending on which EV you’re replenishing. Features include 24/7 access, monitoring, and security for Electrify America customers, as well as temperature-controlled lounges, vending, restrooms, and Wi-Fi. EA president and CEO Robert Barrosa spoke:

We’re committed to making EVs accessible to all, particularly in dense urban areas like San Francisco. Our expertise in building over 250 stations in California and more than 900 in North America uniquely positions us to bring high-quality charging infrastructure directly into communities where people live and work and support EV adoption across the state.

With the flagship indoor charging station now ready for customers, Electrify America says it will continue to expand a transition to larger facilities (indoor and outdoor) to more metropolitan areas around the US. This flagship location can be visited at 928 Harrison St. in San Francisco beginning this Friday, February 9. Here’s a better look at the new station inside and out.

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