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Here Is the First Espresso Made in a Tesla Cybertruck Mobile Coffee Shop

Elena Luchian

Feb 13, 2024

Brian and Ming call themselves coffee enthusiasts. So when Ming's Tesla Cybertruck arrived, he had one thing in mind: turn it into a mobile coffee shop. Easier said than done, though. Ming Wood is a Product Engineer at Tesla. So, he was one of the first customers to have their pickup truck delivered.

A UFO-looking pickup truck because it has this futuristic angular shape. A workhorse because it can tow so much, up to 11,000 pounds (4,990 kilograms). A contraption that should have never existed. A force of nature because it comes with over 800 horsepower and weighs 6,843 pounds (3,104 kilograms). People found many tags and purposes for the Tesla Cybertruck. But no one considered turning it into a mobile coffee shop. Until now.

It all started with the handover that took place at the end of last year. The moment Ming got his hands on the Cybertruck, he came up with this crazy idea. To turn the pickup truck into a coffee shop on wheels. He started by wrapping the Cybertruck in blue matte vinyl with his firm's logo stretching on the doors.

Once the wrapping was completed, he installed the huge coffee machine in the load bed. The air suspension lowered the vehicle at the press of a button and allowed Brian and Ming to put the rails with the equipment in the bed easily. Everything slid back smoothly, and the tonneau cover fell right in place.

It is a 6-foot long and 4-foot wide bed with a tonneau cover, the most solid in the industry. The space is ideal for the coffee team who is planning to transport products and display them in there.

Everything in that load bed helped. The layout, the extra storage spaces, and the necessary outlets (two 48V outlets) to power the coffee machine. They won't be needing a generator from now on. No generator translates to no noise and zero pollution. Furthermore, they have full control over how much electricity goes into their electric equipment.

They first made coffee in the driveway of Ming's home as a demo to see if it actually worked. The fresh smell of coffee floated through the neighborhood and probably it won't take long before neighbors start queuing for the Cybertruck-made coffee.

For the moment, they can brag about the world's first latte and espresso made in an electric pickup truck. And also about the world's first blue matte Cybertruck, as we reported last week. Back then, little did we know that it would become a mobile coffee shop.

Brian says that his Cybertruck is the dual-motor version. However, as far as we know, Tesla has only been delivering the Foundation Series, which sports a tri-motor setup for a total of 845 horsepower. Besides, the truck features the Foundation badges, so it obviously is powered by three electric motors.

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