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I’m not worried about finding an EV charging point – I’m worried about how to pay for a charge

Peter Constable

Dec 15, 2023

Your article runs through all the myths about about range anxiety from battery capacity to lack of chargers (Is it right to be worried about getting stranded in an electric car?, 9 December).

In my three years of electric driving I have experienced constant range anxiety but not due to either of these issues. My fear is that when I easily find a charging point I am unable to use it. Recently I found a clutch of BP chargers in a public car park, but was unable to use my credit card. Later I opened an account with BP and shortly afterwards received a note to say my account was empty and the next charge would be refused unless I deposited £5.

The whole charging system is now in the hands of the petrol giants or similar. Why do we need to be registered? Is it to build databases? Who has allowed this complex monopoly to be established?

Range anxiety would be abolished if easy access to charging, as for petrol and diesel, had been established from the outset.Peter ConstableCambridge

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