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Maine plans to more than triple the number of public vehicle chargers

Becky Sawtelle

Jul 17, 2023

Maine is adapting to the electric car market. The state plans to more than triple the number of public chargers.

According to the Department of Energy, Maine has 435 places you can charge your electric car.

Lewiston rolled out it's first "fast charger" site last week at On The Way Gas station on Lisbon Road.

And another fast-charging station is expected soon at the Irving station off the Maine Turnpike in Auburn.

Efficiency Maine says with new federal funds they are planning to build 1,400 new charging stations in Maine over the next few years.

“Most of these new EVs have batteries that are big enough to go 200 to 300 miles. So, you can go many days without needing to recharge if you’re just driving around town. But if you’ve got to get on the highway and go some long distance and rack up 100 or 200 miles, you may need to recharge quickly,” said Michael Stoddard, the executive director of Efficiency Maine.

Efficiency Maine says there are almost 10,000 electric cars registered in the state.

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