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Number Of EV Charging Points In USA Nearly Doubled In 3 Years

Jul 18, 2023

Whether it was 10 years ago or yesterday, the discussion of electric vehicle adoption always quickly turns to “But what about the charging stations?” Of course, EV owners know that most charging is done at home, and if you have workplace charging, that can also cover nearly all of a person’s charging needs. What people are often thinking about are public charging stations to help you along on a road trip or public charging stations for people who don’t have home or workplace charging.

The good news is that charging stations continue to get installed every day and there’s really not much to worry about — the market is responding and will continue to respond. A new chart from the US Department of Energy (DOE) and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) shows that well. It shows that the number of EV charging ports in the US has nearly doubled in the past three years.

So, fret not. Yes, look on PlugShare or wherever you prefer to browse charging stations in your area or wherever you’re going, and always be sure to plan ahead. But if your concern is that there won’t be enough charging stations to support the electric vehicle revolution, don’t be too concerned, or go ahead and join an EV charging company or political effort to get more chargers installed! Someone has to make the magic happen.

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